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Uche amadasun, founder of naiomi and prints™

"I’m a nurse by day and even though I loved my job, I've always wanted to start a business that I can grow into a full-time thing eventually. However, I was always stuck in analysis paralysis - that was before the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator. After taking the program, I was able to narrow down my niche and launch my e-commerce business in record time. The program helped me with a solid pre-launch plan that now has me making consistent sales weekly because I was able to hook my target customer on day one of business. Don't think twice about it - I highly recommend taking this program!"

faramade fatuga, founder of amina

"I love the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator and as a trainer, Victory listens carefully and uses her expertise to provide the tools you need to grow your business and make successful decisions. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She is also able to pinpoint the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder." 

maggie arai, founder of amber + slate

“The Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator helped me launch my jewelry company, Amber + Slate. In the program, I was able to identify my target customers and think deeply about the problem I was solving for them. I truly believe this was absolutely vital to my company’s initial success. The internet is so overcrowded with advice, articles and programs from hundreds of people who claim to be giving you the best advice, but in reality they are writing an article with no background knowledge on the subject, and are more interested in improving the SEO of their website than they are in providing genuinely useful advice. The Incubator sets itself apart because it truly cares about helping female-founded businesses grow! Victory has owned multiple businesses herself, and it shows in both her hard-won, relevant advice and her dedication to the female founders and owners she works with. I can’t recommend the 24 Hour Woman Incubator enough!”

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Jamelia Gregory, Relationship Coach

“As a fairly new female entrepreneur I knew I needed a system/program to help me take my business to the next level. After joining the Twenty Four Hour Woman Incubator, all I can say is be prepared to do the work! Victory created a program that set the ground work for all women starting a new business. From narrowing down your target audience, working through your business plan, to navigating through informative modules and material this program is the perfect starting point for any woman wanting to launching a successful business. Based on what I learnt from the program and applying it to my business today, I have already received a peak in interest of clients wanting to work with me, and that is just the beginning. Thank you!”

Grace chika eke, founder of perfectly flawed fit

“Joining the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator has been an eye opening journey. It has helped me work through really getting to the heart of what my brand is about. I love the detail Victory places in each module, she is thorough and works hard to help you succeed. Since I joined the Incubator I have been able to identify my ideal client and I have gotten so much interest in my business even if I haven't done any actual advertising. I haven't even told my audience I'm rebranding or asked anyone to buy anything from me but I have clients that are already waiting for me to say it's go timeI'm glad I made this investment.”