Program Overview


what is it?

A virtual early-stage startup incubator training women budding entrepreneurs how to monetize their passion/expertise online and on social.

How we are different

We are the first virtual early-stage startup incubator for creatives and e-commerce brands focused on helping women monetize their passion/expertise in order to make consistent income online and on social.

You see, women have the expertise, knowledge and capability to be a business owner however, most don’t know where to start. The world of entrepreneurship to some seems like it’s reserved for a select few (#techstartup!) and seems difficult to navigate. That’s where the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator comes in - the ultimate key to demystifying entrepreneurship for women.



How it Works

Over an 8-week period, women will complete online learning modules, exercises, receive mentorship and coaching as they work through launching their business. Upon graduation, the women will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully launch their business.


Get step-by-step learning modules with milestones to keep you executing


Connect with a like-minded women from across the world

Weekly Mentorship

Weekly office hours with an experienced entrepreneur

Our Curriculum

Week 0: Getting Started & Orientation

New member orientation opens. You will meet everyone involved in the program, from fellow women taking the program to the mentors. You will get a breakdown of the program and how it works, high-level walkthrough of all modules and success spreadsheet which was designed to track your progress and keep you accountable.

Week 2: Offering: Product/Service

In week 2, we will focus our attention on your core offering and how to price and position it. You will understand your value prop/culture add (what makes you different/unique) and sweet pricing spot guaranteed to make you profitable as soon as you launch your business.

Week 4: Conversion/Sales Funnel

In week 4, you’ll learn a lead magnet, a sales funnel, how to marry the two and how to implement a sales funnel in all your sales channels: social media, website, etc. You will get access to our winning conversion framework and tools you can use to set your sales strategy on autopilot without the need to put in work constantly.

Week 6: Website

In week 6, we focus on website development without all the technicality! You will choose the right website platform for your business (Shopify or Squarespace), integrate your sales funnel and apply our signature website framework optimized and guaranteed to convert “on the fence” customers to “hell yes” customers.

Week 8: Launch & Sales

It’s launch week! This week, you will apply everything you have learned in the previous weeks to launch your core offering to the market. Your goal will be to make sales on your first day of launch so we will provide you a pre-launch checklist to ensure all bases have been covered.

Week 1: Market & Customer Discovery

In week 1, we will focus on one of the first steps in starting a business: market & customer discovery. This means identifying your target market, narrowing it down to a specific niche, developing a customer persona(s), and using our signature test before you invest framework to validate product-market fit.

Week 3: Branding

In week 3, we will focus on building a strong and standout brand. You will build your brand identity (colours, font, logo, etc.) by clarifying your messaging, positioning and solidifying what makes your brand unique. You will understand all the facets that go into building a brand.

Week 5: Social: Instagram

In week 5, we will focus on Instagram and how to turn it into a monetization tool. You’ll get your Instagram account set up, integrating your sales funnel and set up an automation tool to attract paying customers. This week, you will start promoting your lead magnet (giveaway/freebie) in anticipation for launch.

Week 7: Marketing (without ads)

In week 7, we will focus on various marketing strategies that doesn’t require you spending a single dollar on ads. Using our signature R.A.R.E content framework, you’ll learn the psychology that gets a customer to make a purchase and how tapping into your unique/culture add makes all the difference in the world.



Who should join

Aspiring business owner

  • Woman or woman-identifying

  • Over the age of 18

  • With a business idea, passion or expertise

  • Ready and committed to monetizing this in 8 weeks

  • Can be in any country - everything is virtual!

Current business owner

  • Woman or woman-identifying

  • Over the age of 18

  • With a business that isn’t growing

  • Ready and committed to re-launching in 8 weeks

  • Can be in any country - everything is virtual!

Regardless of which part you fall under, members of the program should be motivated and disciplined. You need to put in the work or you won’t see the results.

Want to know more about the program? Check out our FAQ section.