The Fempreneur Blueprint™

The Fempreneur Blueprint™

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An 8-week online program for female budding entrepreneurs so you can launch your business the right way, to raving customers with open wallets! In this signature program, you will learn the blueprint needed to build for the longterm and launch a passionate, purpose-driven and profitable business!


Module 1: Plan for Success

In this Module, you’ll develop your business plan, clarify your business vision and set SMART goals. We’ll help you identify your niche, value prop and pricing strategy so you can start making profits from day one!

Module 2: Branding

In this Module, you’ll clarify your messaging and positioning and identify what makes your brand unique (“unique offering”). We’ll help you understand all the facets that go into building a brand (colours, font, logo) and elevating your brand to build trust among your audience.

Module 3: Online Presence

In this Module, you’ll learn how to build a website by cutting through the fluff and choosing the right platform for your industry. You will also begin to build your social media presence and grow your account with raving fans with open wallets waiting eagerly for you to launch.

Module 4: Offering

In this Module, you’ll learn how to position your offering to your ideal customer so they keep buying and your sales keep increasing. You’ll create a pre-launch plan using my 7-step launch list so you can launch and make sales on your first day of business.

Model 5: Email Marketing

In this Module, you’ll learn how to do email marketing, the smart way and use it to increase your sales. You will learn how to use Facebook ads and how a sales funnel can help drastically increase your mailing list. As a bonus, you will receive scripted templates to use to hook your audience.

Module 6: Communication and Content Strategy

In the Module, you’ll learn how to create and master a winning communication and content strategy to attract your audience and increase sales. You’ll build an editorial and content calendar so you can streamline this part of your business and focus more on boosting sales!

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