The Twenty-Four Hour Woman is a woman who is paving her own way in the world. She is currently juggling multiple things at once but is never in fear that she can’t achieve anything she sets her mind to. She’s a go-getter, a goal-digger and is unapologetically herself!

She is resilient.

She sets boundaries.

She is a great friend.

She is confident and kind.

She lives a life of intention.

She is humble in her successes.

She is tenacious and congenial.

She accepts others as they are.

She is focused on the long term.

She sets goals and crushes them.

She has a graceful determination.

She does not set limits for herself.

She treats all people with respect.

She lives a mindful, conscious life.

She is unapologetic in her ambition.

She forgives herself for her mistakes.

She strives to understand herself fully.

She encourages others to follow their passions.

She understands the power of her own thoughts.

She is true to her heart, her vision and her passion.

She is generously supportive to people in her community.

She makes decisions with sustainability and ethics in mind.

She accepts the repercussions of her actions and owns her mistakes.

She understands the 24 hours given to her everyday are her own to own.