The Fempreneur Blueprint

An 8-week online program for women in the creative industries training them on how to start and scale a successful and profitable business. 

Women start 1,821 new businesses a day in the U.S. however, the majority are one-woman shows. With the Fempreneur Blueprint, the problem we are solving is in two fold:

Start: There is lack of a roadmap/blueprint when it comes to starting a business in the creative industry (4 in 10 women surveyed who were interested in starting a business stated "no idea how to start" was their biggest barrier).

Scale: Creatives who muster a way to start then don't have the processes and "know-how" on how to scale successfully past a one-woman show.

With the Fempreneur Blueprint, we provide women in the creative industries with the following:

  • Online learning modules tailored to the creative industry

  • Mentorship from experts

  • Community of like-minded women

  • Access to capital

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Who should apply?

  • A woman or woman-identifying

  • With a valid business idea

  • In the creative industry

  • Serious about starting a business

Private beta starts June 30 and runs until August 25