Got a question about the Incubator? See below our Frequently Asked Questions for the answer!


How long is the program?

Cohort I starts June 30th and ends August 25th, 2019. Our program lasts for 8 weeks. Apply for Cohort I here.

Is the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator for women only?

We are on a mission to increase the number of women-led companies however, our incubator is not for women only, so long as the idea/business is at least 51% woman owned and/or least ONE woman is a co-founder and in a decision making position.

What is the fee for participating in the incubator?

The total value of the program is over $2,000 however, for our inaugural cohort, we are giving a 60% discount (this is unheard of!) for a total small flat fee of $750 per founder (less than $100 a week). The Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator does not take equity in your business. We are an application and fee-based program.

There are many Incubators and Accelerators, why yours?

Incubators and Accelerators on the market charge upwards of $3,000 to participate and/or take equity in your business. Because we understand that access to finances is one of the barriers to entrepreneurship, our pricing is less than half of that cost for you to participate in our Incubator. Most women who graduate from our program make more than double the cost of the program upon graduation.

In addition, the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator was built specifically for women who want to start an online business in the age of social media. We focus on helping these women hone in to their natural talents (passion/expertise) and monetize it. All our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs who also turned their passion and expertise into businesses and are dedicated to helping you in specific areas of your business, such as business development or digital marketing.

There are many free resources online on how to start a business. Why should I pay you?

Robert Heinlein once said “nothing of value is free.” Free resources online are not as exhaustive as what you will receive from the program. Free resources also take longer, are prone to costly mistakes and do not provide accountability. With the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator, not only are you given the blueprint to do it right the first time around, you also get access to mentors and a community of like-minded women who will keep you accountable and provide additional support as you embark on this journey.

Who should apply to the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator?

You should apply for the program if you fall under the following:

  • Woman or Woman-Identifying

  • Over the age of 18

  • With a business idea, passion or expertise

  • Looking to turn it into an online business

  • Located anywhere in the world

How do I apply to the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator? How do you choose who is accepted into the program?

  1. Fill out and submit an application.

  2. Because time is money and we value your time, we review your application immediately after you submit.

  3. If you are accepted, you will hear from us via email within 48 hours. We notify those who were not accepted by the start of the program.

  4. We might ask additional questions from some of the applicants. If that’s the case, please respond within 24 hours of our inquiry.

  5. If you are not accepted into Cohort I, please do apply again for Cohort II once applications are out.

Where is the program based?

Everything is 100% virtual so we accept applicants from all over the world. You do not need to relocate for the program and you will still be able to meet your mentor via video chats. Should you and your mentor be in the same city, meeting in person can be arranged based on both your preferences.

What can I expect from the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator in terms of time commitment, structure and programming?

We’ve built a program that’s easy to follow and focuses on key milestones at the end of every lecture so you can apply what you’re learning.

  • Online learning modules in the format of video, worksheets, etc. focusing on a specific topic every week.

  • Weekly office hours with your mentor. Your mentor is there to help you so make sure you show up and ask questions so you utilize your time with them.

  • Private Slack channel where you can communicate with other women in the program and ask questions ahead of our weekly Q&A sessions.

Who are the Mentors of the Twenty-Four Hour Woman Incubator program?

We have over 10 mentors from various industries who are just as committed to seeing you succeed. These mentors have started 6-figure and million-dollar businesses and know what it takes to get there. Use the program to pick their brain - they are here to help! Check out the mentor profiles here.

Ready to do what it takes to start your business?

Apply here before the June 25 deadline.