Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care This Week


Self-care. What exactly is it? 

I’m sure we’ve all heard the term at some point, and some have even alluded to it being very important for your health. I’m here to let you know that they are very right. Self-care is vital for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The term is pretty self-explanatory. It just means taking care of yourself. Being in tune with yourself and attending to your needs promptly. I emphasize promptly because far too often, we put off self-care to the detriment of our health. We easily burn out physically and emotionally when we do not practice self-care. We attend to the needs of others, but don’t pay attention to our needs until it’s too late. A part of self-care also involves being aware of your physical body. Have you noticed any changes lately? Even a slight deviation from our norm could be our bodies warning us that something is wrong. At times, our bodies actually give off physical signs that we are stressed. Paying attention to your body is vital.

“Sometimes you just have to be selfish.” I’ve heard that said a lot of times to justify self-care and I am here to let you know that you absolutely do not have to be selfish to practice self-care. You just need to take into account your self as you take care of others or as you go about your daily lives.

Self-reflection is an essential step in self-care. You look internally to determine if you are stressed out, you are doing too much or you've been moving too fast. Do you think it's time to slow down? Even if you're not at the stage of being stressed out yet, can you see yourself getting there soon? If you do, perhaps it's time for some me-time. Practicing self-care does not have to be costly or luxurious. It can be as simple as taking a nap, having a whole weekend to yourself without any commitments, or reading a book. Of course, if you can afford to, go ahead and treat yourself to a massage or a weekend getaway.

For those who are caregivers, it can be tough to separate yourself and ask for some me-time, but it is worth it in the end. Remember, you cannot care for others if you have nothing to give yourself. You need to recharge and fill yourself up before you can pour out to others. When establishing your priorities, you should always put yourself on that list. You are a priority. Self-care should not be a luxury. It is essential for your wellbeing. Time management goes a long way to help you care for yourself. You can break down your week ahead of time and dedicate some time during the week to yourself.

Here are some self-care opportunities you can incorporate into your lifestyle:

  • Take a walk

  • Get a full night's sleep

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Eat healthy foods

  • Communicate with friends and family

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Listen to some music

  • Have a bubble bath

  • Read a book

  • Set tangible goals

  • Journal your thoughts and feelings.

Please feel free to share what self-care means to you and some other suggestions for self-care.

Written by Lola Olawo