Twenty-Four Hour Woman is a virtual early-stage startup incubator training non-technical women budding entrepreneurs on how to turn their passion/expertise into a profitable business, online, and on social. Our focus is on creatives and e-commerce brands.


Our mission is to demystify entrepreneurship as a means of propelling women forward into business ownership.


The vision of Twenty-Four Hour Woman is to shape the future of entrepreneurship by empowering 1,000,000+ women to start their own business.



We aim to inspire women to simply "do". What does this mean? Whatever it is you've been trying to do - that business, career change, or to be an overall better person, the Twenty-Four Hour Woman community has your back!


We aim to empower women by providing the tools, resources and platform. We do this through our virtual startup incubator where we train women budding entrepreneurs on how to start their own business. We also do this through our Now is Female series where we feature and celebrate women who have been able to step out and start their own business.


We host various educational workshops and events and meet-ups across cities/countries to bring together our community and elevate the Twenty-Four Hour Woman. We strongly believe you're your best when you have a community of people rooting for you!


about the founder

Hi, I’m Victory. I am a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur and Founder of Twenty-Four Hour Woman. I started this platform to provide the necessary tools and resources to women budding entrepreneurs such as yourself so you can start and grow your own successful business.

I like to call myself a professional side-hustler, a.k.a., I always have a hustle on the side of my 9-5 to make additional income. From selling hair to friends during my undergrad to selling a fitness e-book I created in under 12 hours that generated 4 figures in the first month, I know first hand what it takes to start something.

After exiting and selling my previous e-commerce business, I began to understand the power of passion in terms of female business ownership. While reflecting, I realized that my passion and expertise lies in starting profitable businesses and helping other women do the same. So, I sought out to create the best 100% virtual program so women everywhere can feel the power and freedom that comes with entrepreneurship.

I am committed to increase the number of women-led businesses by creating and providing opportunities in a space that seems to be reserved for a select few.