Launched October 1, 2018, Twenty-Four Hour Woman is an online platform and in-person community for female founders, game changers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers. We curate experiences to inspire, empower and elevate women to become the best version of themselves.


Our mission is to demystify entrepreneurship as a means of propelling women forward into business ownership by inspiring, empowering and elevating them to get out of their own way and simply “do.”


The vision of Twenty-Four Hour Woman is to shape the future of entrepreneurship by empowering 10,000 women to start their own business.



We aim to inspire women to simply "do". What does this mean? Whatever it is you've been trying to do - that business, career change, or to be an overall better person, the Twenty-Four Hour Woman community has your back!


We aim to empower women by providing the platform for their voices to be heard. We do this through our Now is Female series where we feature women who are doing the damn thang in their respective industry/field.


We host various educational workshops and events and meet-ups across cities/countries to bring together our community and elevate the Twenty-Four Hour Woman. We strongly believe you're your best when you have a community of people rooting for you!


about the founder

Victory Omotayo is a change-maker, entrepreneurial activist and founder of Twenty-Four Hour Woman, a social enterprise with a mission to demystify entrepreneurship as a means of propelling women forward into business ownership. She is extremely passionate about empowering women and uplifting their voices by connecting them to a community of like-minded women committed to becoming the best version of themselves.

She is also committed to closing the gender disparity between male-led and female-led companies and created The Fempreneur Blueprint™ to do just that. TFB is an online program aimed at training female budding entrepreneurs on how to start and launch their business. The main goal of the program is to reduce time to first sale. Since launch in January 2019, she’s helped and mentored 10+ women to hone in to their talents and create the life of their dreams.

A Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology graduate from the University of Waterloo, Victory is a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur who ran her previous ecommerce business solo for a year before she exited and sold it in 2018. Victory is sought after for her expertise in women empowerment, personal development, owning your authentic story, and has been featured in the press and podcasts where she speaks to the importance of female business ownership. Recently, she was selected as part of 20 founders to represent Forbes as a Forbes Global Fellow at the 2019 Forbes Under 30 Global Women’s Summit in Israel.